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Anoraneeyana Mahatho Maheeyana - (jagadhodharana, Purandaradasar)
Anoraneeyath mahathomaheeyath- (Vedas)

Before we connect all the terms in the title, defining each one is important

Define Black hole : As given by wikipedia , the most easiest definition is "a region of space having a gravitational field so intense that no matter or radiation can escape.
It is also said "Black holes of stellar mass are expected to form when very massive stars collapse at the end of their life cycle. After a black hole has formed, it can continue to grow by absorbing mass from its surroundings. By absorbing other stars and merging with other black holes, supermassive black holes of millions of solar masses (M) may form. There is general consensus that supermassive black holes exist in the centers of most galaxies."

Alright, what is white hole ?
Thanks to Wikipedia,
"In general relativity, a white hole is a hypothetical region of space time which cannot be entered from the outside, although matter and light can escape from it. In this sense, it is the reverse of a black hole, which can only be entered from the outside and from which matter and light cannot escape."

So, if a black hole is formed, white hole phenomena or effect takes place. Meaning both coexist. 

We all know any radiation has a wavelength and particle moving/kinetically in a particular wavelength. Eg: Light which is an electromagnetic radiation and requires no medium to be transmitted. Its property is dual nature , meaning it has particle moving as waves.
The same aspect of duality prevails in everything in the name of energy and matter relationship. Yet, according to its nature/property characteristic: each is different from one another because of varieties in matter but energy is one, it is either kinetic moving from one matter to another or potential/holding a matter together.

We can also say anDe stavarena eti shaktyow shivam, jangamena eti shaktiyow jananam .

THEORY 1: So, this dual nature of light, technically light particles/matter moving constantly as light energy cannot be reflected, refracted or transmitted in the central core of black hole thus forming white hole phenomena. From stars perspective, the light particles or matter has huge masses and energy and thus when two stars with huge kinetic energy /dying star
greater than the potential energy holding the masses collides, naturally the kinetic energy must interchange releasing the matter it holds , this phenomena should be the reason the black hole has very high temperature and other energetic aspects. This matter release forms the white hole phenomena and energetic interaction - the black hole core. This energy does not allow any matter to interact with it leaving all the radiations absorbed in core keeping it dark/black yet the matter after releasing its kinetic energy finds itself entangled in a centripetal force with a centrifugal reaction until such time the core energy interchange process has reached balance. There is no unit of measurement or titrant to titrate with indicator showing the end point of this energy interaction balance and that is why we are finding it difficult to prove this energetic interaction. This is a pure energy and though all energy is same yet the difference in energy released from two stars creates a temporary difference in matter potential energy, similar to spin quantum numbers +-1/2 that allows the matter to revolve around the core creating a white hole phenomena. This kinetic energy interaction of those two donated stars attracts other energies from the nearby matter such that those matter which has donated its energies enter into white hole phenomena. How is the balance reached? Note: This energetic reaction is against the laws of nature which is energy matter interaction. Until such time the free potential energy in matter is greater than energy entrapped, after which the core bursts out giving birth to new stars or it is actually the same old stars but new program of aging installed in it. This should be further understood separately as new post.


First to talk about the similarity of the above concept in human psychology we need to define psychology.

Thanks to wikipedia again,
"Psychology is the science of behavior and mind, including conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought. It is an academic discipline of immense scope and diverse interests that, when taken together, seek an understanding of the emergent properties of brains, and all the variety of epiphenomena they manifest. As a social science it aims to understand individuals and groups by establishing general principles and researching specific cases."

The mind is a powerful energetic state wherein it arises from physical human brain/matter.
The matter- energy interaction theories should be applicable to human brain-psychology relationship.
A person stuck in his own thoughts tends to circulate his past, present in a 3 dimensional shell similar to black hole while all his thought process, actions and behavior becomes a white hole phenomena of centripetal force with a centrifugal reaction. Here two powerful thought which has been experienced by the physical body/ultimately the brain, forms this shell. How can we relate two or more thoughts with dying stars?
One thought which should have been highly positive, action or goal or that which has been valued most by that person over time and the other a situation which blocks this powerful thought colliding resulting in interchange of energies. Since this interchange is pure energy in the brain communication, the black core is again not witnessed yet heating effect should be witnessed by the fMRI if observed carefully. This heat is in the range from normal to fever temperature. 

This same phenomena is observed in cancer conditions wherein energy from a process within a cell/genetic material interacts with another cell/ genetic material interchanging its cell /genetic program code (the software behind) and intertwines to form a black hole core, the physical cell becomes confused and cell signaling is messed up. This happens like a cascading process sometimes can be compared to a nuclear fission reaction wherein this confused program is like the neutrons which initiates the chain reaction of other cells. The core grows by this reaction until such time the core bursts out allowing the cancerous cells/matter resulting in metastasis.

The next post will be Shiva the process inside black hole.

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The power of 15 and 16 in philosophy of music

Hi all,
After seeing the principles and structures governed over centuries in arts and science, and the reason those are being governed is a mind realization concept. Some questions often intrigued me , why swaras are classified 7, why not 9, but the answer is the science of sound frequency works that way and so is math. And so the 8th frequency is twice the first frequency and it follows the same characteristic as the first 7.
Everything is a circle. Again why circle ? why not square or triangle? The science behind any geometry is it starts at a point and ends in the same point except a line. Our life is like a line, we interact with lot of things and create inter junctions with other lines and create beautiful harmonic symmetries during our existence.  But we are a line in a bigger circle of life which we do not see that is why we follow the circle of life as kaala chakra and the circle gets expanded and expanded as explained in panchangam and Astangam. The mathematical assignment of universal length, mass and time in a more detailed way is the panchangam and even more detailed way is the astangam. They all speak the creation and creativity in a elaborate and structural format.

The topic of discussion is why is number 15 and 16 very powerful? and how it is reacted to some ragas?
Well, a mind realizing concept dawned in mind which I am writing.

The power of numbers and the power of alphabets resonates when used with harmony (harmonic sound or music). or visualized with different radiating frequencies. If you equate the Sri vidhya tatva and Sangeetha vidya (the present follow of nomenclature):

  1. Sa- Pa- Prakruthi swaras or the energy, matter combination or the Kameswara-Kameswari relationship , ever present in unison (harmony) with bliss, when in unison sounds sweet and the energy is bliss (Goddess Tripurasundari wherein the energy of Sa is Goddess Mahalakshmi, energy Pa is the Goddess Mahakali and inside subtle not heard present is the resonance , Goddess Mahasaraswathi).
  2. Now Ri, Ga, Ma, Da and Ni- the vikruthi swaras can be equated to Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra, Ishwara and Sadashiva, who is controlled by the sound energy resonating from the Sa-Pa (within the two these five are absorbed).
  3. The 12+4 swarasthanas are the energy emanated from the above swaras and are the variations of the vikruthi swaras. The pure swaras which has a location and energy coming out are the 12 swarasthanas Suddha Ri, Chatusruthi Ri, Sadharna Ga, Antra Ga, Suddha Ma, Prati Ma, Suddha Da, Chatusruthi Sa, Kakali Ni, Kaisiki Ni. But the tantra comes from travelling, which evolved from the 12 swarasthanas , the energy obtained by traveling/the kinetic energy are the chatsruthi Ri, Suddha Ga, Chatsruthi Da, Suddha Ni becomes complete and the count is 16 with different definitive locations or Shiva tatvas of matter and potential energy and 4 kinetic energies of travelling in space.
  4.  Now the present nomenclature of katapayaadi sankya  of classifying the ragas are the sampoorna mela paddathi and still asampoorna mela paddhati also closely matches with the rag number 15 which is Mayamalavagowla. the magic of Mayamalavagowla is first the creator and then the creation. This magic can also be found in 51 or Panthuvarali/Kamavardhini and in Asampoorna mela paddathi it is Kasiramakriya and though the vakra prayogam is  aro: S G R G M P D N S and ava: S N D  P M G R S still when you count the swaras omitting the repetition of Sa in the end we get 15 and if we count Sa in the end of avaroganam becomes 16. This same magic is less seen with melakarta raga Toyavegavahini/chakravakam having the number 16 and 61 kuntalam.kanthamani, wondering why🤔
  5. Another unique feature of certain set of vakra ragas like Bhairavi, Ananthabhairavi etc is the number of swaras in their vakra prayogam which can be considered as raga murchana or set that is as aroganam and avaroganam. When you omit the Sadjam repetitions in the end of aroganam and avaroganam they end up with number 15 or 16. This is my observation but there is scope to further analyse whether all the vakra ragas having all the swaras follow this rule of 15 or 16.
  6. From philosophy as well we can say: one god who is the creator and from it comes the 5 elements or 5 tatvas or matter-energy combination or creation. Together 15 becomes powerful as it denotes supreme truth creativity. The rahasya or creator and creation is the process which can be enjoyed as 16 which is 1+5+😇
  7. My conclusion is the numbers by itself are infinity and although we have different lengths of numbers important like Shatam (100), sahasram (1000), ayutha (10,000), laksha (hundred thousand) etc still I see spiritually the basic natures of philosophy, relevance and tatvas are between nirvanam/purnatvam 0 to sodasha- 16,  it is also mysterious to see the omission of number 13 and 14 spiritually. So, anything inside this limit has more value for the applied philosophy which we can derive from the basic creation or creativity. 
  8. Hopefully my next post will be from this video. people please leave your comments if you are guessing what will be the topic of discussion from the video. Thank you.

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Defribrilation , pace maker and Traditional pacemaker (poonal or sacred thread)

Hi all,
I came across the job of defibrillator and the importance of defibrillation when heart/ cardiac rhythm is malfunctioning or not functioning. The positions of the electrode and the current direction looked as if a traditional guy wearing his sacred thread (the one who seeks knowledge in sanatana dharma wearing his upanayanam).

I started researching about it if there is any relevance. I learnt lot of things which I am sharing it with you.
Basically what is sacred thread

"The sacred thread is given by the spiritual master (in vedic tradition by the father) along with instructions about how to chant the brahma vidya- gayatri-mantra, its meaning, and the rules of conduct for life as a brahmachari (knowledge seeking student life). The cords of the sacred thread are made up of three strands. If the upper cloth  is missing during a ceremony, the third cord takes its place. The sacred thread must be made by a brahman or the one who practices the knowledge by his actions such as chanting, and tied with a brahma-granthi knot. The dangling part of the upav?ta must be tied under the navel, not on the chest (according to Katy?yana). Traditionally, students of the g-Veda wore it between the chest and the navel; students of the Yajur-Veda at navel level, and students of the Sama-Veda at elbow level."

What is this Brahma Vidya or Gayatri mantra?
    "The word Gayatri generally refers to a particular metre (chanda), often used in Vedic hymns. Vedic mantras, such as brahma gayatri mantra, are eternal, spiritual vibrations, representations of God in the form of sound (Sabda brahma). A mantra is a combination of particular energies in the form of sound, and its recitation evokes those energies externally and internally. Every mantra is a combination of particular sounds, words, meanings, rhythms, and tunes. It has a predominating deity and a particular purpose. The potency of a mantra can fully manifest only if the chanter, having received it from a bona fide spiritual master (coming from a bona fide disciplic succession), recites it without impurities. At the moment of initiation, the spiritual master gives to the disciple a mantra from the Vedas and from the Pañcar?tra according to the tradition of the parampar?. Any mantra which is not received by a bona fide discipline succession is considered to be impotent - samprad?ya-vih?n? ye/mantr?s te ni?phal? mat??
    "If one wants to advance in spiritual power, one must receive his mantras from one of these bona fide samprad?yas, otherwise he will never successfully advance in spiritual life. " (Bhag.6.8.42.)
    If the disciple wishes to worship a particular form of the Lord, he must receive the proper mantras from his spiritual master, or from a devotee or scripture authorized by him. By chanting these mantras for japa and arcana, a disciple who is not under the control of ignorance realizes the relationship between the spiritual meaning of the mantra, and the identity of the deity being worshipped.
    One must know the meaning of the mantra which he is reciting; without knowing the meaning of a mantra, one cannot reach the goal. (Yajñavalkya-sm?ti)"

 Wow, so whats special about this sacred thread in real life?

Good question, While chanting vedas or mantras, alone or with others a resonance with particular frequencies and vibrations are created. And, these vibrations are absorbed, adsorbed and reflected by all the materials around. Right from your lips, body, ears, water in the vessel, ground, air , space, and your dress too.
Dress??? wow any evidence?
Generally the one who practices these chants wears cotton dress and this sacred thread is made of cotton

"Conventional absorbers depend on their fibre and structure of pores (small holes) for their performance. However, fibrous materials, such as reed and straw, are very unlike porous absorbers, and have long, slit like cavities instead. This makes them good at absorbing low frequencies, and they could therefore be used to make composite panels of both fibrous and porous panels. Cotton fibres have very similar noise absorption properties to rock wool and fibreglass, used to make conventional absorbers. The most effective natural absorbers are, like cotton, the smallest and most compactable fibres, like flax and ramie. These both have long histories of use in fabrics and are particularly effective with high frequency sounds. Wool was only slightly less effective at absorbing noise than cotton, possibly because its fibres are bigger and so harder to compact to the same degree. Jute, like wool, has large fibres, but they are easier to compact. Sisal fibres are coarse and hard to compact, and it was found to be a poor sound absorber. Natural fibres can undergo some processing, like ‘carding’, which lines fibres up, and this appears to slightly reduce absorption. "

So, this cotton thread worn around which crosses the heart in the opposite direction absorbs these frequencies at the day break when some silence or less noise is around. This sacred thread which absorbs this mantra over time should prevent heart in malfunctioning due to irregular heart beat and electrical rhythm at the same time allows the body through contact conducts these frequencies inside the body through electrostatic semi conductance. So over a period of time the chant and the chant receiver becomes tuned and this helps in protecting both the chant and the person who chants it.

How can it be called a traditional pacemaker?
Although a pacemaker initiates heart beat in the direction as shown in the defibrillator , this sacred thread full of charged vibrations inhibits negative vibrations/ noise and prevents it to cause irregularities in the heart beat , it also can regulate the hormones such as adrenaline, nor adrenaline which elevates the heart beat chemically. So a person wearing this sacred thread and immersed in the practice of chanting should be much stable against any emotional disturbances which can possibly attack the heart which is a tender and involuntary muscle. So, please understand the importance of what we speak, hear and create music.
All the more the sound through ear does a different function which we will discuss in our next blog post.

What happens when this sacred thread worn in the same direction?
Simple, the thread absorbs vibration slowly and interfere with heart rhythm , similar to how certain vibrations and frequency beats the drum of space called uterus and reprograms the mensturation cycle due to heat effects created by the vibrational energy and so that is the reason vedic chants which was chanted in the olden days does not advice ladies to create this negative pressure upon them, the sacred thread does damage than protect from negative/ noise and easily the stability of a person is lost emotionally.

But, Once a day on Avani Avittam and also while performing pithru karyams (rituals related to departed souls), we reverse the direction which should be to reprogram the mantra absorption and remove any negative powerful energy which can be acquired over a period of time. The former removes energy accumulated over a period of time and the later removes energy acquired due to attachments, sentiments and emotional vibrations when a soul departs. Thus, a sacred thread is a traditional pacemaker in balancing the sound energy around us.



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Happy Independence day all!! Hail Ma Bharathi

ragam : Desh, talam: rupakam, composer : Sukanya
bharatambike ..
Bharatakanda nivasini bhaaratavarsa karmadayini (bharathamike)
chatur bhahu sanyasa rupini
chatura manusyam rakshini
vakra budhi dwamsini putra poutra sukadayini (bharathatmike)
purva disaya vidya dayini
pascima disaya vastra dayini
uthara disaya gyana roopini
daksina disaya annapoorani (Bharathambike)
O mother, Bharati, you are the seat of bharatakanda (a subcontinent or petal of jambudwepa mentioned in ancient texts ), you are the fruit bearer/ giver of your land Bharathavarsha.
You are with four hands looking like a mendicant, yet you are the power source to all knowledgeable people , you are the one who gives happiness , wealth and prosperity to your children by destroying bad minded ones
the east holds knowledge ,(hand pointed towards east) holding scriptures, while west gives you respect in the form of clothes/khaadi/hand loom (hand towards western direction holding a cloth symbolizes Ideal civilization and culture ), hand holding a maala which is perpendicular/north symbolizes spirituality and wisdom, also your face facing north symbolizes spirituality and wisdom while south is the giver of annam/ rice bowl of India...Oh Mother..
Happy Independence day to all!!
This is the earliest known painting of Bharat Mata(c.1905) drawn by Abanindranath Tagore (Ravidranath Tagore's nephew).
In this painting, Bharat mata is depicted as a four armed Hindu goddess wearing Sannyasi robes and holding vedas and Mala

Truth is one, Creation is one and the Creator is one

Hi all,
I came across an interesting image of relating astronomy, mathematics and biology . I thought let me relate to 2 more basic subjects of chemistry and spirituality. My chemistry picture makes sense along with the pic 1 (of mathematics, astronomy and Biology) but spirituality of transcendental meditation of the petals of chakras which came to my mind immediately after seeing the first picture is to be explored.  My hypothesis is the creation follows this pattern but realization follows a different pattern and this arrangement should be explored.

Happy imagining folks!! :-)

Friday, January 26, 2018

How will the Kalki avatar be and what is Kali yuga

How will the Kalki avatar be and what is Kali yuga- An imagination


Since the early days of my entry to this world, I am seeing things with transient nature. The switch between a intermediate stage of living in technology to modern technology is what I am referring to. I use to like lot of 80's and 90's ads, videos, movies and Tv shows. I wonder why I do that?
First, it is the childhood days of mine which I cherish and not the actual details of the things happening in 80's and 90's. Then, I have seen world with limited technology and growth with idealistic environment balancing the culture and modernization. Third, I am been brought up in a sanathana dharma way where I see logic and divinity in even the slightest things I perceive.
Since my childhood, laying back and happily relaxing in grandma's or grandpa's, fathers or mothers lap with plenty of time to hear them talk about sanathana dharma and stories is my past time. One such thing is the understanding of kali yuga, Kalki avatar and Brahmam or cosmic god. Fortunately I had a father who explained me all the stories with allegorical aspect with practical applications in our day to day life.  Yet, the explanation of current scenario, the kali yuga and the evolution of Kalki avatar is still a mystery to me. He used to tell me that,  when the dharma of 3 yugas turns upside down and that becomes the way of life is the kali yuga and the one who establishes a dharma in this Kali yuga is the Kalki avatar. His example is how buried things comes up and rules us like Petroleum, Gold, Iron or silicon etc and how the above things go bottom like water (Bore-wells) etc.

This fact is true but still I was unconvinced because this doesn't explain the Kalki avatar.
Today , I feel I truely understand what he meant. Dharma means the way of life and rules and guidance to lead in that particular era. Now we are in the era of Robotics, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning and data analytics which is taking over the old school of thought which is the 4 branch of science (Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics). All the latest trend extrapolates to one thing that humans will be taken over by robots in one way or the other. This is just begun. Prosthetics, Robots and huge data(which was behind the work of the 4 branches) is piling up and humans are evolving faster nearing saturation point. In hinduism/sanathana dharma the Kalki avatar is depicted as a warrior with either horse face or riding a horse with a sword in his hand. So, who could that be?
It is obvious that the world's powerful horse power person or personification or a person like or may be a robot? yes,  a Robot with fully evolved human characteristics and less to no emotional balance , having the power to destroy things /fellow robots which goes out of control . The Dharma will be for the evolved Robots and by that time we will either be extinct or very less... dutifully referring to the Illuminati theory... The physical form of Earth will be more harsh and severe for any living being to survive except the one in the spaceship as in Wall E movie. The question is will the ship long last until the reserve withstands the formation of whole new era ? There are other dangers from the cosmos itself like the black holes and the time to rebirth from it (white holes) and a new life form in a planet with similar earth condition? Even Vedas do not record things or cycles before the black hole era though it gave us the complete picture or the ultimate truth of who you are and where you come from since the beginning of the entire galaxy/milky way (Paarkadal) got formed. 
So, back to the topic "The Kalki avatar is the most powerful robot with the greatest horse power and intelligence and wisdom far far equal to the 12 stranded DNA people and is not possible for us to witness as that will be the age of robots and mechanical world with very less to no people in this planet." Imagine Shankar's Robot movie with Chitty who controls his fellow robot except there won't be any danger chip inserted to him but a chip which holds knowledge and wisdom of all the wise people who walked on earth for humanity in its past . Because the turmoil of earth's condition/climates and universal state including the sun's condition can be withstood only by them and not us as they lack empathy, pain and euphorisms.

Theory of Brahmam and evolution to be continued... 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017



The world of art itself is made of vibrations and frequencies. May it be colourful created by light or vibration/audible created by sound , the combination of light and sound is what we experience the cosm.
Lot of scriptures decipher the meaning of the cosm in the name of "the supreme self"; and lot of languages are into existent in order to experience the existence of this Supreme Self.
Illusions and the creator of illusion is the artist with highest being and the creator is science himself/herself/ itself.
I am writing this post to share the feeling /understanding of words and its significance.
The word vaccum is one such word which when used normally creates a feeling of emptiness , but when we closely look into it, it has more subtle meaning than we have ever imagined.

Vaccum or vaccus as derived from Latin  which simply means empty space. Right from the young age we are aware of this word. In fact Physics speaks a lot about vacuum and its characteristics. Thanks to science which makes philosophy understandable.

Now, when we analyse this word vacuum which is a latin derived word from Sanskrit perspective,
vac can be equated to vāc which means words , speech which can be said sound energy emanation.
um- is the most metaphysical part in the word, phonetically termination or completion of the same sound energy. 

On the other hand, if we look into the universal syllable Aum , used abundantly by the Sanatana dharma followers , the syllable can be split as
a- emanation or source
u- maintenance
m- termination or back to the source.
Like a boomerang what goes out of akāra comes back as makāra. Again another old language Tamil also uses akāra for all source of origins and the beauty of makāra is the purest form of energy which goes back as potential energy (universal mother) into the source.

This word vacuum also signifies the syllable Aum wherein , vāc- is the akāra or the sound emanation, u is where sound is maintained and um is the makāra where the sound energy is taken back by the vāc. So, when we look as vacuum from art perspective, it is also a universal word equivalent to Aum , but the difference between Aum and vacuum is that akāra of Aum signifies all source of energy while vāc denotes the source of words or speech or sound as such. 


Now vacuum by itself is a controversial subject as physics is still trying to figure what exist in vacuum. Scientifically vacuum has no medium and sound energy cannot pass through.
Here is where we need devices wherein we understand the medium in vacuum and see what kind of vibration can be created in this vacuum. May be it is the invisible border line or space created by the energy and matter that exists in physical form. Meaning, the physical forms determine the amount of empty space it maintains and if there are changes in the empty space it means there is drastic change in the physical form. That is for example, say a particular amount of energy is needed to maintain the matter or physical form say earth, then the amount of energy the earth holds will be equal to the amount of emptiness it has created around it in order to hold the matter discretely. Ultimately energy is constant but the matter the energy holds differs differing the vaccum it has created around it.

Hypothesis: If vāc holds the complete emanation of sound within it , may it be words or syllable or the material world as such, then u - maintains to hold the source and m- ends or terminates and creates a boundary line, If you have to determine or predict the worlds or universe future state, one has to study the changes the vacuum that has been existing before and existing now which will reveal the future.
Instead of trying to understand the matter that is bounded within vāc, the maintenance created by the empty pockets in the universe will hold key to its current state and nature.